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We Need 'The Black Vaccine's Music

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

"The Black Vaccine", a musician from Memphis, TN, is breaking down boxes and creating a completely new style of music. Having recently dropped a mixtape titled '03 Lil Wayne', I had asked The Black Vaccine what the year 2003 signifies - he replied that he has always been a big fan of Wayne, and that was the year you could tell that Lil Wayne was really hungry and it was THE time for him to take over the game. The Black Vaccine is channeling his inner '03 Lil Wayne and working with that kind of strong ambition and drive, which is seen throughout the tape.

The project starts out strong on GOAT TALK, first describing the influence Lil Wayne has had on him. Getting into the song, The Black Vaccine's distinctive voice leaves you intrigued and wanting to hear more music from him. Clarifying in the second song, "HOLY" that all of the guitar on the album is played by himself, it really makes you appreciate the artistry and talent just one person can contain.

Songs you must listen to

I'm just going to say, I'd highly recommend the entire project but for the song skippers and album shufflers:

222 SAVAGE: One thing I love about this music is the fact that he's able to switch up the flow and the pitch of his voice throughout the song, and it sounds so fresh yet it fits within the song perfectly. He's very good at layering sounds, and 222 SAVAGE is a perfect example of that; I absolutely love the higher pitched singing in the end and it just adds something to the song that wasn't there before

TREETOP: Absolutely beautiful, love the addition of Depharie on the track and the chemistry their voices create together. Combined with the guitar and beat in the background, there's no way someone could skip this song

QUARANTINE FIEND: The Black Vaccine also wants people to know he's not just making 100% positive conscious rap type music. He talks about everything, real things he goes through and people go through. "Walking contradiction, I'm a saint and a sinner"

ILL MATTERS (CORRUPT): The last song of an album is really important to me. I feel that it really can tie together everything and bring it to a pleasant stopping point. ILL MATTERS did not disappoint. If you didn't already realize that The Black Vaccine was lyrically talented, you can't deny it in this song. We get to ending the album with knowing he's got an aptitude in guitar, singing, rapping, and song-writing.

Inspirations in terms of guitar?

The Black Vaccine has only been playing guitar for 10 months, however, he's been inspired by guitar almost his whole life

"I was riding around with my pops when I was younger and he would play Rick James, Prince, blues songs. You could also hear it in the music I would listen to such as Three 6, Playa Fly, 8Ball & MJG, just different types of genres mixed into their music"

What is the meaning of 'The Black Vaccine'?

Here is a summary of his answer from an interview with Vida Productions @shotbyvida

"Black is a culture - it's not our ethnicity, it's deeper than that. For that certain culture, music is what we cope with for a lot of things. A vaccine is not a cure, it's something to help you make it through - music, that's our vaccine. What I'm trying to do by adding the guitar - I feel it's a healing instrument - by adding the guitar, it's playing the vaccine role. I'm the instrument/vessel pushing it, I'm the face of it."

Coming to the end of writing this article, I'm going through the project again and keep thinking, "oh I should mention this song too - I should mention the lyricism more - find more ways to describe this innovative sound". I can rave all day about The Black Vaccine's music, but you really won't fully understand until you check him out yourself

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