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Interview: Namialus Validity (@sdotmusictho)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I got to sit down and interview Namialus Validity, a multi-talented rapper/producer/musician from Fayetteville, North Carolina


Give us two words to describe your music

Melodic Hip-hop

You go by "Namialus Validity" as well as "SDOT" - what are the meanings of those?

My name is Sulaiman, so in high school they shortened it to Sdot. "Namialus" is my first name spelled backwards

With COVID & everything, how have you been coping with that?

I've been making music, mixing projects, engineering music on side, finishing my project. I've started doing engineering & photography on the side to balance out not having local shows to do

Now with things opening up, do you have any big shows or plans coming up?

I'm going to do a blockbuster listening party in Fayetteville for my tape coming up this summer

10 Green Lights 3, that's dropping soon right? What can you tell us about that

Similar vibes to 1 & 2, dope melodic hip-hop - certain songs taking risks

How is it different from 1 & 2?

With 3, knowing I'm not going to be doing anymore series of it, I feel like I've got to go out with a bang. Part 1 was me coming back from a hiatus, so I had nothing to lose, there was no pressure

What does 10 Green Lights mean?

It's all go, no stop no red lights. Whatever you're going through with life, keep going. If you run into 10 green lights, that's something rare

You rap, sing, produce - what else do you do?

Engineer, rap, write, photography, things like what

Is there anything you want to learn?

Film - I want to have the right equipment & shoot the scene with my vision

What was the timeline of you getting into everything

I started making beats as a little kid. I like computers though, I stumbled on some music software - whether on torrent sites, any type of software I liked to download and try it out

How do you think growing up in Fayetteville impacted your music?

It impacted a lot - I was born in Brooklyn, NY though - I moved to Fayetteville when I was a year old. But I went to Brooklyn every summer, so I've always seen past my environment. I think Fayetteville is a place where, whatever you want to do that's outside the norm - you really got to be motivated to do it. It's 2021 and we just now got a city where we have multiple videographers. It was never like that, I remember first rapping and not having many videographers to choose from. So I think Fayetteville is the place where if you really want to do something, you have to really do it

What do you like to do outside of music?

I like to do photography, I get a rush out of editing stuff -- even removing pimples from photos -- I like doing all of that. When I don't make music, I'm really just chilling with the homies, staying out of the way. I'll be around people that make music - but I try to be around just regular life still so I can have stuff to write about. Musicians can be cool but egotistical & competitive, so I also try to be around people who's last thing on their mind is music. Just trying to find that balance

I feel like sometimes people just get really sucked into that lifestyle, especially musicians

Sometimes it's good being competitive but overwhelming though. I already was who I was before I made music, so it doesn't really do anything to my ego, it's about music

If you could open a show for anyone, who would it be?

J Cole or Jay-Z

If you could travel to any location in the world where would it be?

I'd go to Mecca - I'm also Belizean, I'd go to Belize


I asked Namialus Validity about some of his favorite things, here are the answers

  • Favorite Album? Jay-Z "The Blueprint" Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor" Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon I" Kanye West "College Dropout"

  • Favorite artists? The Weeknd Jay-Z

  • Favorite people who you've collabed with?

1. Video - Bclipz "Hands Up"

2. Featured on Song - Ahmad Latif "Holy"

3. Own song - Hollywood Hemi on "Style & Profile"

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