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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

K’ristian Kam’ron is an emerging artist whose experimental trap music project, "Arkadia" is set to drop this year in 2022. I was able to interview him & and learn more about this upcoming project. Follow @kristiankamron to know as soon as it's released

How did you initially start making music?

I originally started out with my cousin during summer break in 2018 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. After summer I went back to Texas and started recording off of an old 2014 HP Chromebook in 2019. During 2019 summer and fall is where I started to see it seriously and I’ve been doing music since then. What got me into it was Travis Scott to be honest -- I’ve been a fan of him since 2015. Also the success of my family, with cousins of mine being famous and going to the GRAMMYs -- it's pushed me to show my music talents

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as experimental trap. Lil sneak peek into "Arkadia" the EP -- we are going for an experimental cinematic death trap sound right now -- WHICH HASN’T BEEN DONE. So I would for sure give a green light to call it Experimental Trap

What is the meaning of Arkadia?

The meaning of the actual word has a different meaning than my album title, and is spelled differently. The real word is spelled ‘Arcadia’. Arcadia is a perfect land full of perfect people -- so I changed it. I was kind of having a bad 2020/2021 with life and everything, and it felt like everything was all coming down on me, making me into this psycho. I remember just having these actual crazed thoughts, and sometimes they’d scare me. So instead of keeping that perfect land and citizens — I changed it. I added a K in Arkadia to represent me and my dark and psychotic version of Arcadia.

How will Arkadia be different from your previously released music?

This project will be higher production and have an overall different sound from what I’ve been putting out. Me and my team are trying to make this as different and high level production as possible

What inspired you to create Arkadia & how long have you been working on it?

My inspiration I would say was my song named “Arcadia” -- this was a song that opened doors for me and my team. It was also my first song where it shows a peek into my talent. This was my lead single for ‘Bulls’ too, so it’s very significant to us. I’ve been working and planning on ‘Arkadia’ for about a year now

Do you have an estimated release date yet?

I would say the estimated date would be around summer of 2022 for sure

Are there any producers or anyone you want to shout out?

I want to shout out Ian Domasang, my brother from Canada — he is a god sent producer. Also shout to Xavi Martinez, my photographer for Arkadia

What are your goals for 2022?

My goal is for everyone on my team to succeed and for me to get the most recognition for Arkadia as possible

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself working on maybe my 4th or 5th studio album with a big tour planned

Is there anything else you want to say?

Just wanna say that "Arkadia" movie and EP, will be one of the best projects this year. MARK MY WORDS I'M DOING SOMETHING BIG THIS YEAR! I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m excited

Check out the below 'Arkadia Live Event' video. If the actual project is anything like this, I'm very eager to listen to it. It's clear that K'ristian Kam'ron has the ability to bring you into his own world through music, having the potential to grow into something huge

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